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Our focus

The Retailers' Palm Oil Group (RPOG), the only global group of its kind, is a non-competitive coalition of companies who have the common aim of using sustainable palm oil in their products. Our wider ambition is to make the use of sustainable palm oil standard across all relevant supply chains. We trade globally with our head offices predominately based in Europe. 

"To transform markets to make sustainable palm oil the norm"


RSPO vision and mission

Five key aims

  • Utilise a collaborative space (in compliance with competition law) to support transformative activity

  • Directly assist the RSPO by providing and funding a Board of Governor's member

  • Engage within members' supply chains to drive the uptake of sustainable palm oil

  • Support ever more rigorous sourcing requirements

  • Work with local and international stakeholders to find solutions to common problems

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Our unique group

  • Our approach makes us the 'go to' group for the latest knowledge on sustainable palm oil

  • Our representative on the RSPO Board of Governors attends every meeting and call

  • We actively engage in dialogue with stakeholders and on new palm oil production standards

  • We seek to use our size and market influence for the positive benefit of the planet and people

  • We focus on positive environmental and social outcomes, including supporting smallholder farmers

Expert guidance

  • RPOG is facilitated by ETANTE Ltd., a specialist sustainability and communications company

  • This includes representation on the RSPO Board of Governors and related activity like Committees

  • This approach ensures compliance with competition law and access to expertise

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